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One-day round robin tournaments held at local basketball stadiums all around Victoria.

Hoop Time is a series of one-day basketball round robin tournaments held at local basketball stadiums all around Victoria. The Hoop Time program offers children in Grade 3 and 4 (junior) and Grade 5 and 6 (senior) the opportunity to play in a fun competition with qualified referees.  The program culminates at the end of each year with Regional Finals and a State Grand Final day. In 2015, the program had over 43,000 participants.

In addition to the traditional Hoop Time format, Hoop Time Minis (an adapted form of the extended Hoop Time program) is also available for Grade 1 and 2 students to have their very own Hoop Time experience. Hoop Time Minis is held at a selection of venues across metropolitan Melbourne.


To register for Hoop Time, complete the Hoop Time Registration Form and return to the email address provided below.

Entry Fees:

1-10 teams Junior/Senior combined $75.00 per team
11+ teams Juniors/Senior combined $65.00 per team
District Days Junior/Senior combined $65.00 per team
Minis Days Grade 1 & 2 Only $7.00 per participant

Selecting Dates:

Much of the success of the Hoop Time program is due to the co-operation and support from local stadiums. Every effort will be made to give schools the date/s requested, however competition on these days are subject to availability and alternate dates will be offered should the day requested no longer be available.

Basketball Victoria strongly recommends schools to choose dates as early in the schedule as possible. In the case that a day gets cancelled, this allows schools with a greater choice for rescheduling,

Please note that Hoop Time Finals will be held in Term 4 and as a result, no round robin days will be available.

Should there be an issue with the date requested or offered, contact Basketball Victoria to check availability on alternate dates.

Confirmation of the date of your Hoop Time day at your local stadium will be faxed or emailed once your entry has been received.

For more information contact Chris Angus, School Programs Coordinator

P: 03 9837 8000

E: chris.angus@basketballvictoria.com.au


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