High Performance

National Performance Program (NPP)Dante Exum

The National Performance Program (NPP) is designed to assist Basketball Australia to identify athletes who are members of, or on the fringe selection of, National Junior Teams. The NPP will be coached by elite and developing elite coaches also involved with, or on the fringe of, national team selections.


National Intensive Training Program (NITP)

Underpinning the NPP is the National Intensive Training Program (NITP).

The NITP runs independently to state team selection. The NITP will work with identified athletes in the U16 and U18 women’s and mens age groups under the new Basketball Victoria High Performance curriculum.

Country NITP athletes will work with identified coaches under the direction of the High Performance Coach Country in regional satellite hubs and at regular combined training camps, while Metro NITP athletes will work alongside the NPP on every second Sunday at the State Basketball Centre, as well as Tuesday and Thursday mornings at five venues across the metropolitan region, also under the direction of the High Performance Coach Metro.



Basketball Victoria NPP/NITP dates

1 August 2016 – 30 June 2017

U18- 21 July 2016 – 20 November 2016
U16- 20 October 2016 – 19 March 2017

Southern Cross Challenge (SCC)

Southern Cross Challenge Vic MetroThe inaugural SCC was held in January 2012. The SCC is a Basketball Victoria initiative and proudly sponsored by CTI Melbourne United, which sees identified Country and Metropolitan 13-14 year-old athletes compete in a round robin style tournament. Due to its success, ACT, WA Country and Metro, SA Country and Metro joined  in 2013.

With eight teams from each program – two U14 Boys’ and Girls’ teams and two U15 Boys’ and Girls’ teams – athletes receive the opportunity to play alongside and against some of the better individuals from around Australia. Players for this tournament will be selected from the U13 and U14 ACJBC, NITP and SCC selection camps held during the year. The SCC teams should not be confused with the Victoria Country and Metropolitan state team selection or the NITP.

2016 Squad List

SCC 2017 dates

Friday 13 – Monday 16 January 2017.


Changes to the 16/17 NITP/NPP program (Metro):

  • The U18 NITP/NPP for 2016 will be a condensed 14-week program starting on 1 July 2016 and finishing on the 20 November 2016. 
  • The U16 NITP/NPP for 2016-2017 will be a condensed 14-week program starting 20 October 2016 and finishing 19 March 2017.
  • All NPP athletes are required to attend two morning individual development trainings each week. 
  • All NITP athletes are required to attend one morning individual development training each week and will be given the option to attend a second session.
  • Morning trainings will be conducted at 6 locations across Melbourne (Werribee, Mill Park, Bulleen, SBC, Frankston, MSAC) and athletes will be placed at a suitable venue . These training sessions will run from 6am to 7:30am.
  • All NITP/NPP athletes will be required to attend all eight bi-weekly Sunday development sessions from 1:30pm to 4:30pm as well the All State Camp.